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Entertainment 9 January, 2018


Bruck Dawit, the companion of France Gall, was with the singer of new musical projects planned for the future. In an interview with RTL, the producer and a friend of the singer Thierry Suc has entrusted to us how the couple wanted to continue to create shows.

France Gall was not done with the music. In an interview with RTL, the producer and a friend of the singer, Thierry Suc, has revealed that she still had many projects in mind prior to his death, Sunday, January 7. Including a musical comedy to succeed Resists, the last great success of France Gall, and she was working on with his friend Bruck Dawit, a sound engineer, who remained at his side until the end.

“We had talked about a sequel to Resists, since there are half of the songs, or even more, which had not been in this first show,” explains Thierry Suc. The end of the musical, suggested that we would end up. France Gall was the story [of the suite, editor’s note] in his head. She had co-written the story with Bruck Dawit. The history it is there, it was just to write it. “

Resists 2 see it the day ? “In the months to come we will see with the people of his family if there is a desire to do something, I will always be there,” says Thierry Suc. In addition to Bruck Dawit, already involved in the creation of Resists, it will also require the agreement of Raphaël Hamburger, son of France Gall and Michel Berger, who became the guardian of the temple of the music of his parents.

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