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Entertainment 1 February, 2018


After the ouster of Tex in December last year, it is Bruno Guillon, who now takes orders from the program Les Z amours broadcast on France 2. In the columns of Paris, the host, speaks about his new role and evokes the tender attention of his son to his first day of shooting.

This 1st of February, Bruno Guillon took formal command of the program Les Z amours on France 2, in the place of Tex. Very happy with his new position, the facilitator will nevertheless have to succeed in juggling its three-hour morning broadcast on Fun Radio, and the recordings of this program, between six and seven emissions per day.

Suffice to say that the father of the family of 46-year-old is going to need support. Fortunately, he can count on the love of his wife Marion, and her little boy of 9 years old named Anatole. He was also offered a small gift that reminds him that his young son is never very far away and the supports, as revealed by the newspaper Le Parisien. The boy gave his father “a figure of Batman in Lego as a good luck charm”. A tender attention, which has caused many to touch Bruno Guillon.

Laid off in a first time, the animator Tex had been fired from France 2 last December, after a joke on dubious battered women. On the 30th of September on C8, he had dared this valve : “guys, you know what they say to a woman who already has two black eyes ? No one tells him anything anymore ! It comes already to explain to him twice ! “. A joke that doesn’t makes you laugh the direction of France 2, who had quickly decided to separate from the facilitator.

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