Bruno Mars vs. The Weeknd, which is closest to Michael Jackson?

The media constantly compare them to the pop legend. But between Bruno Mars and The Weeknd, which is closest to Michael Jackson?
Both are world pop stars. The two surround the entire planet with their tubes, like The Weeknd with “I feel it coming”, title on which it is in feat with Daft Punk, and whose video it has just unveiled. Their common thread? A disturbing resemblance to LA’s ultimate legend of pop, or even short music (let’s not be afraid of words): Michael Jackson. Both are absolute fans of MJ. And they do not hide, like The Weeknd, who does not hesitate to take again the famous step of dance of the legend for the needs of his last clip. Some fans also blame them a bit too exaggerated tributes to MJ, like The Weenknd does on “I feel it coming”
But no matter the polemics: we, what interests us, is to know who is closest to MJ. And on the musical level, for a long time, it was Bruno Mars who was clearly above. Much more rap / r’n’b in the past, the comparison between The Weeknd and Michael Jackson did not have to be. But with his latest album Starboy , the boyfriend Selena Gomez (who has just taken a major step in his relationship with The Weeknd) decided to play it much more pop. Result? From now on, similar to Michael Jackson, whether it’s melodies, how to make choruses or choice of instruments, there’s a clear match between the two. And this, despite different registers
On the strictly musical level, ok, the two are at the same level. On the other hand, as far as the lyrics and aura are concerned, Bruno Mars is closest to Michael Jackson. To find out, you just have to watch Bruno Mars’s latest clip, “That’s What I Like”, which we loved at melty: everything is very cheerful, friendly, almost naive. A smooth side that makes MJ think clearly. The opposite of a The Weeknd, who spends his time telling that he is taking drugs and that he changes his girl every night with a certain disenchantment. Finally, on the level of the character, The Weeknd is closer to a Future for example, who makes hits talking about his spleen, rather than a Michael Jackson, Who defended nature and denounced the violence in his pieces. And what do you think is closest to Michael Jackson? Bruno Mars or The Weeknd?
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