Buffy the vampire slayer : an actor of the series is the idea of the reboot of the ” extraordinary “

Cinema 3 August, 2018






It is time to get out the fangs. After the first reactions of the fans, it is the turn of one of the actors from the series to express themselves.

If you did not know, the famous series of the 1990s, Buffy the vampire slayer will know a big change – quite a result. The show created by Joss Whedon is reborn from its ashes with a new cast and a new production for a reboot.

If one knows the identity of the new showrunneuse : Monica Breen (Charmed, Alias, Lost, missing), who will work alongside Joss Whedon (producer), the name of the main actress remains unknown. However, one thing is for sure : the new generation wants more diversity than before, and wants to make camping a actress, african-american, for the iconic role of Buffy Summers.


The false Buffy


For the time being, if the fans are more or less played strongly on the announcement, others have either low profile, such as Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy Summers), which has not pipé on the story. Others have attempted to calm the game like Anthony Head. And some have shown a enthusiasm fairly bursting like James Marsters, the famous vampire blond peroxidated.

Since we are talking about the wolf, the actor has been rightly dubbed the project on his Twitter account. In an interview with IndieWire this last has shown his unwavering support to the showrunneuse :

“I think it is fabulous. I saw a tweet from Monica Breen and she wants to get a killer completely new in the universe established by Buffy against the vampires. Therefore, it will not be the new “Buffy the vampire slayer,” but rather Sabrina – regardless of its name… I think it is a great way to do this and I am very excited about it. “


“You have the old air ?”


At the same time, the actor can be currently seen in the series Marvel’s Runaways under the guise of Victor Stein returned to his former role of vampire :

“I’m open to any idea that Joss Whedon may have in mind . It does not matter if it is just to play Spike again, or another character. I told him that there is a time now. The spirit of Joss is always surprising, as long as he is involved I am starting to do it. “

However, a problem : James Marsters may be best embodied in his crazy youth as a vampire unrestrained and, in addition, never ages, but although it is in great shape, the actor evolves in the real world. And is also on the vagaries of life. So, how to interpret a character who is supposed to not age more than 14 years after the end of the series ?


“You couldn’t keep quiet, no kidding ! You’re going to revive the debate”


“It’s true that we should need a very, very, good lighting to sell the return of Spike, but you know you can make illusion with an actor in good shape and special effects. It would be awesome if he came back and said : “Buffy, you look terrible, you’ve aged. But I still love you, of course.” “

Finally James Marsters concludes : ” If Joss Whedon is to the party, I am. “

Thus, there is a strong likelihood that the actor to return. Caution spoilers : even if he sacrifices himself at the end of the series, the latter is brought back from the dead in season 5 ofAngel as well as in the comics.


And me in all of this ? What do I do ?