Buffy the vampire slayer : two former players defend the reboot of the series

Cinema 5 October, 2018






David Boreanaz is, and will be, for many viewers always associated with the character of Angel in the series Buffy and in his series of the same name.

Great story that is the reboot of Buffy against the vampires. Between a “classic ” untouchable” and”timeless classic” difficult for fans to accept the idea of a reboot of the flagship series from Joss Whedon. However, the new showrunneuse, Monica Breen, tried to reassure the fans angry as well as bad, through a long text of explanation on his Twitter account. Shortly after, it was a former actor of the saga, James Marsters, interpreter of the famous blond peroxidated, who had announced his unwavering support to this new reboot.

Yet, these “new adventures of Buffy the vampire slayer” had received the approval of Joss Whedon, creator of the saga of the original. And sometimes, we wondered : and the other actors of the saga ? They think what ?


Sarah Michelle Gellar


One of them, David Boreanaz is finally out of his bubble of silence. It was during a panel at New York Comic Con, which takes place in the same time until the October 7, that the actor of Bones has given its opinion on the matter :

“Frankly, this is a good thing. Let us embrace this project. I am very happy for those who will be included. They want to put forward a new generation, come up with something new. Everyone wants the vintage, they want to go back to that time, which I can understand. You want to see us in these roles. This is awesome, it’s cool, but things change and stories evolve.

I think this is a great opportunity for this reboot to show in what society we live in today, what we can do with technology. How we can explore these relationships through metaphors. I’m all for that, I think it is fantastic. I hope that the show will become a huge success and will continue through the end of the path that he has to do. “


Big old isn’t it ?


Words full of wisdom, just as the image of his character, and which has perhaps the merit to calm down a little bit. And if another person were to resume his role in this reboot, this is not serious, quite the contrary :

“If someone wishes to slip into my shoes and play my character, then shit, so be it ! I think it is great, because, personally, I’ve wok again never by the box makeup ! “

And as incredible as it may seem, the declaration of any in sympathy, and the wisdom of David Boreanaz, has given wings to the legendary performer Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, which is also expressed for the first time on the subject :

“In the end, the important thing is to tell the best story possible. If a story continues, then I think she should be told through any incarnation possible. I’m with David. “

Announced at the last Comic Con of San Diego, the reboot of Buffy the vampire slayer, is currently in its infancy. If we don’t know yet if the story will be a simple sequel, or a remake, one thing is for sure : the new generation wants more diversity than before, and could make camping an actress, african-american, for the iconic role of Buffy Summers.


That is, it is good I have spoken, now stop