Buffy vampires: The series back? Sarah Michelle Gellar answers!

Cinema 5 January, 2017

The revivals, reboots and other spin-offs of cult series are raining! What if Buffy vampires turn back? SMG does not say no …
May 20, 2003, after seven seasons, Buffy finally kept his post and gave himself some well deserved rest. It must be said that after so many apocalypses foiled, Miss Summers surely needed to go green. Since then, the series has remained a sure value that is sometimes remade when it passes on the TV (or in DVD for the true fans of the show). A veritable institution, Buffy against the vampires reached cult status and remains a reference series, over a decade after the release of its final episode. In short, the show rocked our younger years and we give a lot to see Sarah Michelle Gellar put on his leather pants, kick back and greedy vampires out his sharp and sassy replicas … While a prequel would Charmed preparation , we begin to dream the return of Buffy . And we’re not the only ones!
Since the end of the series, Sarah Michelle Gellar – SMG – is rare on our screens. After a few movie roles and ephemeral shows ( Ringer , The Crazy Ones ), it is fully dedicated to his family and his culinary box brand, Foodstirs . While Buffy against the vampires will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary (it not really an upgrade!) And the revivals of cult series ( Gilmore Girls , Fuller House , Prison Break, which will return in March , X-Files …) multiply, Sarah Michelle Gellar spoke about a possible return of the show … and everything does not seem lost! Judge it.
She explains: “I always thought that the series was unique in its use of horror in addressing topics of adolescence (…) We could talk about racism, identity, harassment. , Death and love using demons as metaphors … I do not know how it could be translated into the adult world today, but I’m sure we can do it. world has always been something very heavy to carry for her for his sake, I hope that now she runs the sweet on a beach very. – very – far from the mouth of hell … ” . We, too, Sarah!
So a sequel or a reboot of Buffy against vampires is it possible? If Sarah Michelle Gellar leaves the door open for a comeback (perhaps to catch his last, with Cruel Intentions , which was a total fail), nothing is done. The schedule of Joss Whedon, the Buffyverse’s dad, being pretty busy, everything will surely depend on him. As for the other actors, they regularly participate in the conventions and other events devoted to the series, proving their constant attachment to Buffy. And scenario level, there is something to do with the many comics released since the stop of the show … it smells good no? Anyway, at Melty, we’re more than hot! And you, for or against a revival of Buffy vampires?