Buoys neck : risk of an accident proven to be

Health 24 August, 2017


Published the 23.08.2017 at 15h09


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They may be photos cute – and yet –, but they may prove to be dangerous. The buoys of the neck are under the spotlight, after the american Academy of pediatrics has reported the risks associated with their use.

These devices are inflatable around the neck of the babies, which can move in the water freely. But obviously not safe. Many products deflate quickly. The head of the child can slip through. Users report that it also happens that the buoys return and that the children end up with the head under the water.

Deadly traps in power

“The buoys of the neck for babies make me afraid,” said Dr. Kyran Quinlan to WDSU News, american physician and member of the american Academy of pediatrics. I hope that they are also afraid of the parents. These are deadly traps in power. “

These objects, originally intended for children suffering from motor disability, have been popularised by Instagram, where the pictures of babies that are abound. Parents do not hesitate to put their children in the scene, considering that the buoys are pictures very cute.

But they also think that these buoys are so well thought out that they help to lower their level of vigilance while their toddler is evolving alone in the water.


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