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Entertainment 8 December, 2017


As many fans of Johnny Hallyday, Michel Polnareff finds it “strange” that the rocker, who had died in the night from Tuesday 5 to Wednesday 6 December, to be buried on the island of Saint-Barthelemy.

The new still does not. Died in the night from Tuesday 5 to Wednesday 6 December, as Johnny Hallyday will be buried at Saint-Barthelemy, an island dear to his heart, where he used to spend his holidays as a family. Careful consideration on the part of his wife Laeticia, this decision is far from unanimous among fans of the rocker, disappointed and disillusioned to the idea of not being able to go on his grave. An opinion also shared by Michel Polnareff, who did not fail to give his opinion, this Friday, 8 December, on his page Facebook.

“I find it strange that it takes away the envelope from Johnny to his audience and to make impossible to her fans the opportunity to show him how they are attached to him, “he says. It is part of the world of St Barth in a world of sunny holidays but its heritage is real is that of France, and I find it unthinkable that it prevents those who would, like me, disconsolate from this huge loss and his courage, unable to show him their recognition by the impossibility of the show. ”

This publication has greatly the reaction of the internet users. Because if some share his point of view, others emphasize the importance of respecting the last wishes of the idol of young people : “It may simply be his desire, to rest in a place where it was happy ? “, “His family did exactly what Johnny wanted,” “If it is really his choice, then it must be respected”, one can read in the comments.

Upset by the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday, with whom he had become friends and had shared the stage of the Palais des Sports, Paris, in 1971, Michel Polnareff will keep in any case the memory of”a hero, a man of courage, phenomenal, incomparable, whether in his personal life, his battle with the disease, his career, as he was able to entrust to Paris. It has revolutionized the show business at the time. It has been an example for all of us, it has us all inspired. “

Before that it asks me the question, I would like to answer. I find it strange that it takes away the envelope from Johnny…

Posted by Michel Polnareff on Thursday, December 7, 2017

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