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Entertainment 23 January, 2018


Monday, January 22, M6 was broadcasting the second part of the portraits of Love is in the meadow. And during the presentation of Thomas, a candidate is gay, Karine Le Marchand has created controversy with some statements…

The second part of the portraits of Love is in the meadow has reserved its share of surprises. Between Thierry, Jack, Aude, or even Thomas, the excitement was at an appointment Monday, January 22, on M6. Karine Le Marchand presented the last of the farmers to participate to this new edition of the flagship programme on the M6 channel. And this year, an oyster farmer gay has decided to call for the production to find a soul mate. And during his portrait, Thomas is delivered to open heart about her relationships past, its coming out or its difficulties to meet the love.

But in this portrait, if the personality of Thomas has softened to the users, some about Karine and The Dealer have particularly shocked the Canvas. The famous facilitator explained the term ” yag “, in other words, ” gay “reverse”. In support of his comments, Karine Le Marchand has used references are a little stereotyped : “It’s the gays who do not acknowledge everything that is gay culture, Mylène Farmer, Dalida, all of it. We reverse and it is called the ” yags “. (…) You see, I have learned a trick. They have no wicks, no mass bleaching.”

Very quickly, the people have cried out to the scandal on social networks : “Passage very embarrassing, denigrating, hyper-cartoonish about gay people,” wrote one internet user. “By daring to associate Mylène Farmeret homosexuality Karine Le Marchand sparked a controversy, of which it measured not the consequences “, one can read also.

In the meantime the beheading on the town square, I’m going to bed, like..:)

— Karine Le Marchand (@KarineLMOff) January 22, 2018

For all those who have learned yesterday that this was a Yag…kisses to all

— Karine Le Marchand (@KarineLMOff) January 23, 2018

This portion of the show was chock-full of clichés including the side of the candidate… It is not with this kind of about that mentalities will change 😔 @thomws_

— Flo (@Florian_180) January 23, 2018

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