Caitlyn Jenner: Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner ready to ruin his career!

Entertainment 23 June, 2017

More than ever after Caitlyn Jenner and the publication of his book, Kris Jenner is preparing his revenge with the help of Khloe Kardashian!
Lately, the editor of Melty revealed to you that Kris Jenner had violently smashed Caitlyn Jenner for Father’s Day . You know that since the release of his book The Secrets of My Life , Kendall Jenner’s dad has become the pet peeve of the family. For good reason, in his book, the former Olympic star did not hesitate to make astonishing revelations. “I talked to Kris about my sexual identity problems before making love to her … She insists that she was taken by surprise by my transition but I told her that I ‘I did it several times in front of her after our marriage ‘ Elsewhere Caitlyn Jenner in his memoirs, before admitting that his marriage was very difficult. Statements that did not fail to sadden the momager of the most publicized clan of Los Angeles that she, confides that her ex-husband has invented everything. But decided to re-establish the truth, Kris Jenner would be preparing his revenge!
According to the site Celebrity Insider , Kris Jenner would receive advice from his daughter Khloé Kardashian . Tristan Thompson’s girlfriend would then encourage her mother to share her story by publishing her own book. A way for Kylie Jenner’s mother to set the record straight on the revelations of her ex-husband Caitlyn Jenner . The 61-year-old businesswoman would be ready for anything to be depicted as a monster. But that’s not all ! One source also said that Kris Jenner would despise his former husband and would like to destroy it by publishing embarrassing photos . She would now be thinking with her daughters in the best way to avenge her ex-companion. In other words, the ambience is likely to be tense at the next family meals. Especially since Kylie and Kendall Jenner have just made peace with Caitlyn … What do you think of the reaction of Kris Jenner?