Caitlyn Jenner: Kris says she saved him!

Entertainment 10 August, 2017

Between Caitlyn and Kris Jenner, there remain tensions! If the two stars seem to have relatively cordial relations, they keep their distance. And the last revelations of the momager risk setting fire to the powders …

Gender, infidelity and scandals, the youth of Kris Jenner was unveiled ! In a book that traces the origins of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, we learn a lot about the momager, and also about her encounter with Caitlyn, who was then called Bruce Jenner! Indeed when Kris, then freshly divorced from Robert Kardashian, met the ex-Olympic athlete, he was in a delicate financial situation . Kim’s mother then took charge of her career, as she revealed on Never Before : “When I married Bruce Jenner, I instantly became his manager because he did not have many resources ” .

The momager continues: “I saw this incredible potential, and he did nothing to maintain Nobody asked him to give lectures Nobody sent him on the road I thought, ‘Wow it should…. I was always a good speaker, and then I did everything for it, and that’s how I saw life, I always say, ‘We’re going to get there.’ “I do not stop wondering If someone has a plan, I realized after marrying that we did not have an unlimited amount of money and I thought that we would still move into this house and work hard . Kris Jenner’s intelligence and business acumen paid off! The momager continues: “I ‘