Calogero in tears during his tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack in Nice: “I was not ready to receive such an emotional charge” – Gala

Entertainment 20 August, 2017


Last July, Calogero had been taken by the emotion when he sang during a tribute concert to the victims of Nice. He looks back on his tears and the ordeal.

Everyone remembers his tears. Last July 14, Calogero was sitting at the piano for a moving tribute to the victims of the attacks that had hit him Nice and causing 86 deaths, a year earlier. The families of the missing had requested that to be played her song titled fireworks. On stage, the artist began a few notes before you get overwhelmed by emotion. Hands trembling, throat tight, Calogero was not able to go to the end of his interpretation and had to finish the concert in tears.

The author-composer, who has recently pushed a rant against the télécrochets, is back on the rise emotional that he could not controlled. “Each verse, each chorus, was an ordeal. I was not ready to receive full-head such an emotional charge” he said to the fellow-members of the Parisian.

Calogero also asked that the attacks in France began at the time when the artist finished with his tour for the promotion of fireworks. ” It was so horrible for me that I did not necessarily translate this into a song. So I did the opposite. I have added to the gaiety and fishing to my songs,” assures the singer. These colored notes as well, the public will be able to find them in beautiful Freedom (released August 25), his new album ” is representative of this lightness “ and recorded at the studios in london at Abbey Road. ” It’s our role as artist is to give happiness to people,” he concludes as to flower of skin.



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