Can Nina Dobrev and Nikki Reed become friends again?

Entertainment 9 February, 2017

This is the news that created a real tidal wave on the Internet. Nina Dobrev posed alongside Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder on her last day on The Vampire Diaries. But could the two former BFFs become friends again?
WTF? Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed were together! Besides, the wife of the actor spoke about it in a very (too) long message posted on his account Instagram . This improbable photo made the tour of the web and unleashed the fans. Nobody expected it and yet they did. We still have some doubts as to the sincerity of this cliché because they still waited two years to silence the rumors (or bring down the tensions?). Yep, Nina Dobrev was still in a relationship with Ian Somerhalder for a few years but he married her former BFF, Nikki Reed, it’s enough to have trouble swallowing pills. Anyway, this photo has left many hopes fans of The Vampire Diaries . Will Nina Dobrev become close to her ex, Ian Somerhalder? But above all, we ask ourselves another question, the two women could they become friends? That remains a possibility!
It is natural that we wondered about the nature of reconciliation between Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev. Is it just a marketing move? Maybe not. Anyway, the players wanted to close the show The Vampire Diaries beauty, tension-free and they were right, it is to their credit. However, we doubt that Nina Dobrev and Nikki Reed can regain their complicity old . This may be quite strange for the two women who shared the same man. Even though the tensions may have descended and there is no more animosity between them, to become friends again is a big step and nevertheless, their friendship has taken a blow. They will certainly cordial exchanges during their upcoming joint events but become BFF, we doubt it . The time will perhaps in their favor but Nina Dobrev seems to have turned the page on its past and adventure The Vampire Diaries . She is happy, well in her sneakers and multiplies projects. Case to follow but hope is not lost! And you what do you think ?