Can Outlander Compete with Game of Thrones?

Cinema 3 July, 2017

In the series of the summer, Game of Thrones seems to leave with a head start. But could Outlander dethrone his rival?

In the first round of the 2017 World Cup, there were many surprises. The Flash, Westworld or Orange Is The New Black were eliminated against all expectations! One of the tournament’s outsiders may well reach the top this year. It must be said that the fact that the title holder, Game of Thrones, is not part of the main competition, redistributed the cards. The HBO series seemed unstoppable but now, all the series of the tournament dreams of winning the title of “best series of the year”. However, we could not afford to miss Game of Thrones in this 2017 World Cup. While the show will return on July 16, he is part of the special pool of the summer series. In front of Jon Snow, we find The Defenders, Fear The Walking Dead and especially Outlander which seems to impose itself as the main opponent of Game of Thrones. The two series are often compared and have many similarities. So, could Outlander compete with the title holder, Game of Thrones?

Having the title holder in his group is obviously never very good news for his rivals because it is of course the opponent to be knocked down. Game of Thrones was formidable last year and is set to win the title of “Best Series of Summer” by failing to win a second consecutive victory in the 2017 World Cup. Worried by Outlander! We recently wondered if the Starz series was not better from Game of Thrones. Both series are based on novels that have also met with great success. Outlander is moreover judged to be a much better adaptation than its rival. In addition, the two shows have an exceptional cast, intrigues that are very well-crafted and captivating, with breathtaking scenery or very subtle humor that perfectly nuances the scenes of violence. If Game of Thrones is a sure bet, Outlander seems to have all the qualities to put it on the post. But it is you, dear meltynauts, who decides which show will be designated “best series of summer”. So your votes!