Cancellation of Daredevil : a part of the team reacts, and we talk about the future of the series on Disney +

Cinema 1 December, 2018






24 hours ago, the axe fell. Then of course, we expected a little bit but still, it is something : Daredevil, one of the series-the flagship of Netflix for a few years, will not be entitled to a new season. And it’s still a little sad.

Even if, once again, it is not surprising, the great cleansing having been initiated by the undo of Luke Cage and Iron Fist, it is suspected that Netflix was not going to stop in so good way. But we imagined that Daredevil would be the last to leave, because the most popular. And yet, it was the best time since the showrunner Erik Oleson had just pitcher the next season 4 to the network.


The Red Devil, unemployment


Of course, the reason, even if it is never clearly said, is to look for Disney +, the streaming service that Disney is going to launch in 2019 and will make him one of the most serious competitors of Netflix. No question, therefore, that some of its marks can be found in the shop in front. And when you know the weight that represents Marvel, one understands the approach. We do not endorse necessarily, but it includes. Marvel, who also spoke on the cancellation of the series because it is necessary to know to remain correct and courteous even if you are prepared to betray his ally :

“Marvel is extremely grateful to the public who has watched Daredevil in mass. The first true act of heroism of the young Matt Murdock to the birth of Page, Murdock & Nelson, it was an incredible trip. We are very proud to have had such a good show runners and writers, beginning with Drew Goddard and Steven DeKnight, Marko Ramirez, and Doug Petrie, and Erik Oleson, Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Vincent d’onofrio and the rest of the cast who were able to give life to our characters with so much excellence. Not forgetting our wonderful team of New York. We are looking forward to new adventures of Daredevil in the future.”


#Shocked #Disappointed



On his side, Deborah Ann Woll, aka Karen Page, could not hide her great trouble in the message that she posted on Twitter, as soon as the announcement was made :

“I’m so sad that we wouldn’t always be the story. Mainly because the friends that I made in everyday life are really going to miss me. I thank each and every person who has contributed to this series over the past few years. And I thank Erik Oleson because, thanks to him, we leave on a high note.”


Take me, I promise, I will be nice


Finally, and this is perhaps the most heart-rending, the executive co-producer Sam Ernst, could not hide his surprise and his sadness in a Twitter post :

“It was so weird to be in the part of the writers of Daredevil today, when we learned that the series was cancelled. All around us, on the walls, was accorché the plan of season 4. And damn, it was awesome. There were so many moments that we wanted to show the fans…. Ah this business….”


Marvel and Netflix (metaphor)


A touch of bitterness legitimate that, in some way, brings us to the most important point for the character : Disney + va-t-il to resume the series ? For the journalist Alan Sepinwall, nothing is less sure :

“The bosses have already said that they did not intend. They do not want these series on Disney +. And even if they wanted to, the nature of the contracts make it virtually impossible. It is finished. But if they do, they will have to start all over again from the beginning, as Sony has done with Andrew Garfield and Spider-Man, swung to restart with Tom Holland.”

Daredevil is dead, long live Daredevil ?