Cannabis, you can not buy or smoke but you can watch series that talk about it

Cinema 28 December, 2016

The production, the distribution, the inherent risks, the people who live or take it: by looking at all these series, you go around the subject.
Until Benoît Hamon is elected President of the French Republic, cannabis remains illegal. You do not have the right to buy or trade, but that’s not good. By cons, you can watch the series the talking . At home, warm, with your long leaves (empty, suddenly) sold in all the tobacco, you know, to smoke looong rolled cigarettes …
Disseminated recently on Arte, it is that which put the subject on the carpet (or the carpet, if you prefer). At the moment, only the first season of six episodes was completed and broadcast in two evenings (Thursday, December 8 and 15). Apparently, there will be a catch-up session on Sunday, January 8th. The plot? The classic production of shit in Morocco, a move by Spain where traffickers clash and Paris distribution where guys dealent or smoke . On the menu, in a rather heavy and violent atmosphere, you find murder, confusion, betrayed women, strong women, lost youth, mayor fighting against traffic … Normally, nine episodes of 52 minutes are planned.
The best known. Creation of Jenji Kohan, this series lasted eight seasons and marked the spectators in large part by its colorful characters that evolve in time. Nancy, Iceberg mother who becomes drug dealer, Silas and Shane both son who take opposite turns, Andy, the wanker who becomes responsible … A Agrestic and elsewhere, the Botwin family and his entourage have made us laugh as ever and sincerely moved . In any case, we see that dealer is not so easy. The struggles of influence, the blows of pressure, the relations to have: it is a profession.
High Maintenance
Difficult to make it simpler: the main character is called “The Guy”, or “The weed guy”. That’s how his clients talk about him anyway. Because every episode – there are six in the adaptation of the web series broadcast by HBO -, the focus is placed on a buying cannabis consumers thirty hipster furrowing the streets of New York by bike . You are in his deliveries at home and discovers the varieties of profiles, from the young tared to the couple of fifty, all more or less neurotic. And bah the daily of a deliveryman is not all pink, must want to do it.
Z Nation
Clearly the least centered on the weed among those cited here. The main theme is more about the survival of the human species in the face of an invasion of zombies. Classic, fashionable for a few years. Since 2014, this series depicts Murphy, a former queen who represents the future of our species as the sole carrier of the antidote. A simple prototype and test base, he was saved by biting the product and a team must therefore bring in the lab to multiply vaccines . And with the adventures, Murphy falls on a greenhouse of plantation. That he calls the “Z Weed”. And that he wants to protect by vegetal zombies. The fourth season, commissioned, will arrive in 2017.
Bates motel
A kind of prequel to the movie “American Psycho” where we find Norman Bates, young. Adolescent to say everything, to 17 pins. He just lost his father and his mother decided to leave Arizona for Oregon, where she bought an old abandoned motel and the mansion next door. Besides the weird relationship between them, the business of the producer side is discovered . A point of view rarely approached and interesting. Without this being the central theme of the series (currently 40 episodes over 4 seasons).
Humboldt: Life on America’s marijuana Frontier
The next arrival, if all goes well. Yet in production, this series wants to adapt the book of the same name, written by Emily Brady, John Malkovich and relies on the principal actor . Just that. Must be said that the production would be managed by Anonymous Content, also repsonsable of “True Detective” and “Mr. Robot”, and Sony Pictures. Means and level, therefore. We hope that it will really see the light. Wait and see . Who will perfect his culture, warm, at home?