Captain Marvel: Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) confirmed at the casting?

Cinema 4 July, 2017

Will Nick Fury be present for the first steps of Captain Marvel in the universe of superheroes?

She is the first heroine of the MCU to have her own film and we are impatient! Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel will be interpreted by the talented Oscar winner Brie Larson and that’s about the only thing we know about the cast of this long-awaited blockbuster. Until now no mention has been made of heroin in other MCU films, there is no doubt that familiar heads will make a small appearance, notably that of Nick Fury aka Samuel L. Jackson. The former director of SHIELD has already been confirmed to the cast of Avengers Infinity War and rumors announce that it will pass a head in the adventure of Captain Marvel.

The production of the film should start in January 2018 and last until May and it is a blogger particularly attentive to the details that confirmed that Nick Fury should be of the part. Its presence in the films of the MCU is less and less frequent, but each time memorable. All the Avengers are attached to this man, even if this does not prevent them from having disputes and who better than he could guide Carol Danvers in his new life at least extraordinary? The heroine could make her first appearance in Avengers Infinity War alongside Thor or the Guardians of the Galaxy!