Captain Marvel: Spider-Woman, Mar-Vell … The characters you want to see in the movie

Cinema 12 July, 2017

One expects to see Brie Larson during the Comic Con of San Diego but we hope also a little more.

Good news ! Samuel L. Jackson will be casting Captain Marvel. As Comic Con approaches, this kind of news announces that the film will be presented during the Marvel conference, although it is obviously far too early for a trailer. But it would not stop the Marvel studios from showing us a picture of Brie Larson in costume or to make a small panel with the director of the film, the main actress and the rest of the cast. And precisely, without going into predictions about the actors and actresses, it would be interesting to know how much Marvel will draw in the comics to build the small world of Carol Danvers.

At the top of the list, it is hoped that Captain Mar-Vell will be present even if it depends very much on the original story that will be given to Carol Danvers. To make it short, Captain Mar-Vell is a former spy Kree sent to Earth who betrayed his people, taken with affection for the earthlings. While a Kree device explodes, it saves Carol who is seriously injured and discovers that her DNA has mixed with that of the Kree, giving her super powers. With such a story, one would understand that the Marvel studios chose to modify this to make it more accessible to the general public but to see Mar-Vell would really be the stylish secondary role of this solo film.

If Captain Marvel does not refrain from acting on Earth, his role in comics has for some time already defended the planet against extraterrestrial threats. If ever Marvel decided to leave the space side, we could potentially see the SWORD (the spatial equivalent of SHIELD) and its director, Abigail Brand, a character invented by Joss Whedon absolutely brilliant. In addition, it could justify the presence of Nick Fury in the film. Now that the universe of Marvel and Spider-Man are linked thanks to the deal with Sony, one can imagine seeing Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, aka Carol’s best friend. Knowing that in addition, she was member of SHIELD and SWORD in the comics … it seems almost to be an obvious one. Lack more than to find a good villain but with the sharing of the cosmic universe between the studios Marvel and the 20th Century Fox, it is warmer to imagine.