Capucine Anav, Tal, Louane … Who will be sacred Woman Unmissable at the melty Future Awards 2017?

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

Votes are tight! Whether it is for Tal, Louane, Emma Cakecup, Capucine Anav or Noémie Merlant, they all deserve the Prix de la Femme inescapable at the melty Future Awards 2017 …
The end of the year is coming and you know what it means meltynautes? The melty Futures Awards 2017 approaching! All named celebrities hope to leave with the precious Y-shaped trophy. Votes are really tight and personalities need you! The Future Awards 2017 melty votes continue and only you can make a difference. In the category Femme Incontournable, we find five talented competitors! Whether Tal Louane, Emma Cakecup, Noémie Merlant or Capucine Anav, they still have every chance … At your votes!
Yeah, again this year, the choice is not going to be simple! 5 named all deserve to walk away with the award for Female Landmark in 2017 . On 6 February, we will finally know the final result. To make the difference and bring your favorite talent to victory, you know what to do meltynauts. You only have a few weeks left to make the difference. So between Tal , Noemie Merlant, Louane, Emma Cupcake or Capucine Anav also nominated in the category Woman Must melty the Future Awards 2017, which will be the winner?
To vote for personalities that will make 2017 according to you, go quickly on the platform of melty Future Awards , in partnership with NT1 and Fun Radio !