Cardiologists in anger against the decline in the number of internal

Health 19 July, 2017


Published the 18.07.2017 at 17h53


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They tend rather to hear the unions of physicians, ophthalmologists, emergency physicians, or general practitioners about the degradation of their conditions of exercise. But this time, these are the cardiologists, rather discreet in ordinary, who give the voice.

This Tuesday, the national Union of specialists in diseases of the heart and blood vessels (SNSMCV) “expressed its most strong discontent and grave concern at the drastic reduction” of the number of staff working in their specialty at the end of the tests classantes national medicine (ECNi). The number of positions of internal cardiology offered for the year 2017-2018 is in effect reduced to 170, compared to 208 previously, the precise SNSMCV in a press release.

The union has forgotten to mention the 6 additional positions open to students who have signed a public service contract (CEPA), bringing the total number to 176, but the decline is still severe : -15 %.

Creation of a medical desert

It is severe, and she falls ill. “This decline is particularly worrying when, at the same time, a significant number of cardiologists are going to retire, worry about the SNSMCV. In five years, the specialty will lose 35% of its employees “.

A situation hardly sustainable for cardiologists, who believe that a good part of the population will soon be deprived of quality care and close proximity. “Cardiology is a specialty demanding that covers a broad area, from prevention to treatment, from acute care to chronic care, from the clinic to trays technical hyperspécialisés “, they remember.

It is also an emergency medicine, which treats diseases severe and frequent, which represent the second cause of mortality in France. Encourage the emergence of a medical desert in this specialty would be a big step back.