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Entertainment 22 August, 2017


When she was younger, Carla Bruni was far from being an easy kid after her mother, Marisa Borini. Rebel, the future singer did not cease to challenge the authority of their parents, but also that of his teachers.

Who would have thought that Carla Bruni was a teenage rebel, challenging all the taboos and causing his teachers ? Interviewed by Vanity Fair, her mother Marisa Borini has made stunning revelations about her younger daughter that she describes herself as a former ” teen sandy “, the opposite of her older sister Valéria Bruni-Tedeschi. “Valeria, the eldest, was very studious, but Carla was stuck all day,” she said remembering the phone calls from the principal of the future first lady, then a pupil in the fourth grade : “He said to me : ‘I have punished Carla. There, she is sitting on my desk smoking and she sings The Bolero of Ravel“.

Cheeky, Carla Bruni was also a thousand miles of being a student is hard-working. To such a point that she wished to put an end to her studies : “She did not want to pass the bac. She said : ‘I have nothing fucked up. It is not worth it. Me : Try it, it may serve you.’ She had it and decided to do fashion”. A decision that will forever change the life of Carla Bruni. Just a few months later, the young woman will become one of the top models of the most popular of the 90’s. Remains to know now if her little Giulia, born from her marriage with Nicolas Sarkozy, will have the same character when she is a teenager in turn.

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Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

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