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Health 4 July, 2017


Share in the life of a head of State, this could have a negative effect on an artistic career ? Carla Bruni is a book in Paris Match on the occasion of the upcoming release of his fifth album.

Five years of Elysee “, it can do damage. Carla Bruni discusses the impact of the mandate of her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy, on his professional career. When the torque has been replaced by François Hollande and Valérie Trierweiler, Carla Bruni has released Little French Songs, her fourth album. The opus has received a very good reception, something”miraculous enough” for the singer. “I was coming out of five years of Elysée, my image was blurred, which is different from that of a simple singer “, she says to our colleagues from Paris Match. Carla Bruni was First lady at this time, a First lady discreet, who knew how to adapt his career to the priorities of such a status.

These five years of discretion have been due to her confidence as a singer : “I was afraid that the rooms are empty, that nobody is interested in the disk. “But his fans were at the rendez-vous : “on The contrary, the album was well-traveled, I’ve sold 200 000 copies, of which 100 00 in France. This reassured me.”

Today, it’s a bit like if the situation was reversed. On the 6th of October, Carla Bruni is releasing a compilation of covers, French Touch. Nicolas Sarkozy is always at his side when it comes to his promotion to New York or when she gives a concert for W9. The former president of the Republic is in the front row, in awe of his girlfriend. It is not at rest, Carla Bruni has dedicated the song Stand by your man by Tammy Wynette. A statement heavy with meaning.

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