Carla Bruni: her tender message to Nicolas Sarkozy after his defeat

After the defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy in the first round of the primary right, his wife Carla Bruni was quick to dedicate a few words of love on Instagram. A nice way to express his admiration, but if it probably relishing the return of his man to family life …

carla-bruniSad … Or relieved to keep just for her? Carla Bruni shared Sunday, November 20 an adorable message to her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy, eliminated in the first round of the primary right. ” Sometimes the best lose ” a-t- she wrote in a cliché legend of her man, looking thoughtful and looking down. Words full of tenderness that show once again the passionate relationship of the couple since they met in November 2007.
” Congratulations my love, I’m proud of you ” has she also added. If the losing candidate has kept the habit of regularly mention his wife, she has been quite discreet in this primary campaign . She gave very few interviews, preferring to remain slightly behind, despite his great popularity with the French.
At the time of the return to politics of her husband, she had indicated that she would support whatever happens if he decided to run for president of the Republic , while admitting that on a personal level, it was rather against . In the American talk show Ellen De Generes it two years ago, she admitted: ” As a woman, I do not want that it returns. . But as a French citizen, I wish “A few months later, according to Paris Match, she reportedly told a close: ” I prefer to hit me a second five-year term that an unhappy man at home. ” Nicolas’s defeat Sarkozy, who came third behind François Fillon and Alain Juppé in the first round of the primary has the merit of ending the uncertainty for Carla Bruni. She hopes no doubt today that her husband will fully appreciate the return to private life …

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