Carla Bruni is surrounded by her brother and sister on a tender cliché of childhood

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

While the year 2016 is about to end, Carla Bruni took the opportunity to post on her account Instagram, a picture of her, child, surrounded by her brother and sister. A way for the singer to call the world to sweetness and hope for tomorrows singing.

Carla Bruni skin-deep sensitivity and more when it comes to turn the page on a year that saw the state of the world deteriorate and many artistic figures disappear . But so far no question of pity, the singer who just turned 49 years old this December 23, decided to look ahead anyway, governed by a sincere optimism.
Then ” High hearts, look in 2017 is coming! 2016 will soon be over … We hope 2017 is the year of the fraternity ” she has written in legend of a shot on which it appears a child alongside her sister and brother.
” # # Childhood memories # # sweetness tenderness ” added the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy. One way to greet the memory of his brother Virginio died ten years ago of AIDS. A brother whom his sister Valeria Bruni Tedeschi had dedicated his film A Castle in Italy , partly inspired by his death.
Carla Bruni was naturally wrote her a song, Hi sailor , who was passionate about sailing. To mark the tenth anniversary of his death, the mother of the little Giulia, was always on Instagram, shared a photo signed by Helmut Newton , where she poses for her brother aside in a sublime staging, black and White.
This year, her mother, Marisa Bruni-Tedeschi published his autobiography, My dear girls, I’ll tell you … in which she revealed including one of his biggest regrets: that of never having revealed to her husband, who died In 1996, that their son was suffering from AIDS. ” Our couple has known failures, but we were accomplices, they had the same tastes, he taught me everything about the art . (…) But I have regrets, (…) not have told my husband our son’s illness … “.
In the past, the former first lady of France has also regularly effused about the illness of her beloved brother , especially during charity events where she was engaged in the fight against this terrible disease. ” His death symbolized the end of childhood, forever . Even though, at 38, it was time to part with this childhood. He was an important part of my younger years. Since his death, I think every day to him ” , she confided to Paris Match earlier in the year.