Carla Bruni-Sarkozy feels “liberated and very proud of his human journey”

Entertainment 23 November, 2016

On the evening of the primary from the right, some thought on reading the impassive face of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy disappointment of not being able to take on new role of first lady. It is not so. obviously disappointed for the man she loves and she chose to marry a winter 2008, the said relieved to live, finally, the daily life of a couple who, over the trials, won deep, smooth.

carla-et-nicolas-1Of course there was, for her part, some discretion in the final days before the primary, however, never let go of his hand “man.” Of course there were interpretations more or less silly trying to decipher what his face on the evening of defeat, just tried to keep quiet. Of course there was, just after this message posted on Instagram ( ” Sometimes the best lose. Congratulations my love, I’m proud of you ” ) … Today is his very close entourage loose, and it here, a sentence or two.
” Carla is released and very proud of the course of her man, be certain of that .” Or ” It’s a rock, you know, its force impresses us! “. The pair also seems to tell friends, have gained strength in aplomb, as if all these headwinds and more or less violent had only strengthened its roots. Resist all. This they have never stopped doing. That’s what they have learned to combine. For better, for worse, for the future too.
” The dream is to live with someone who wishes you well ,” said Sagan. It is undoubtedly true strength of Carla . In this benevolence it grants him, they accord daily. If one shifts a bit of politics, business, to focus our attention on the couple formed Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy , the picture that emerges is inked. And its shadow luminous range.