Carole Rousseau, a mother of twins for 5 years : “I changed my priorities, I’ve changed my desires” – Gala

Entertainment 25 January, 2018


Carole Rousseau is rare in television for the past five years. The reason for this ? The facilitator has decided to dedicate herself to her twins Vittorio and Luchino – even if she does not forget to keep an eye on his career.

Five years ago, Carole Rousseau became a mom of twins. Vittorio and Luchino entered his life, and the bouleversaient the passage. “I wanted to devote myself to my maternity leave. I changed my pace, I changed my priorities, I’ve changed my desires” , says the magazine Closer and in an interview published on 25 January. The facilitator is then more discreet on the tv shows, but not to the point of disappearing – or regret having taken such a decision.

I’m not frustrated not to be more on the front of the stage, and I have a very healthy reputation, “says the former presenter of Masterchef. After, which can interrupt me, it is telling me that I have an experience that could be useful to a program. But I’ve always approached this business with the awareness that it would stop one day. And I will leave no doubt on the tip of the feet.

Today, the facilitator discusses their work with the benefit of hindsight – her twins helped her to avoid the horrors of the trade. Carole Rousseau does not prohibit a few returns to the television, to address why no new issues that affect them now : “I want to do things ad hoc. But I’m thinking also that I could bring to another, elsewhere. How to be useful… early childhood is a world that fascinates me. “Soon a new challenge ?

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Carole Rousseau

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