Caroline of Monaco: “From the age of 14 at the age of 30, I have the impression that hated me”

Entertainment 7 December, 2016

Interviews Caroline of Monaco are very rare also when it decides to give the princess is not stingy with anecdotes and other faiths. The mark of a married woman who knows generosity and discretion.

Yesterday, Karl Lagerfeld returned in the footsteps of Coco Chanel , the time of a parade at the Ritz recently renovated legendary Parisian palace, where lived the founder of the brand until the end of his life. It was necessary that sublime setting to scroll through the Chanel crafts in Paris : Traditionally, this collection testify to the expertise of the craftsmen of the seam, is presented at the end of the world (Dallas, Salzburg, Edinburgh …).
Among the celebrities come cheer the new creations of Karl Lagerfeld , one the German couturier up among his ” heart heroines ” , Princess Caroline of Monaco. The elder sister of Prince Albert II who, taking advantage of the latest Vogue magazine issue dedicated to the artistic director of Chanel, spoke of his relationship with the Creator.
Become a mentor as a ” family member ” it experienced in the mid 70s : ” I must have been 16 and a half. It was Place Saint Sulpice, in the beautiful art deco apartment Karl. That I remember very well. He continued: “He influenced and enriched the list of what he gave me is long. He is an absolutely central in my life, that’s for sure, but I must not be the one to say it . ”
An interview in which the Princess of Hanover returned to the myth that it embodies against her, draping his life with modesty and discretion. Like the fact that we know little about the tone and color of her voice  ; what amuses. ” What do you want me to tell you, there are many people who talk too much, that squawking while not perhaps this evil that others remain silent, right? “She says, not without a touch of irony.
An elegance and gentleness that made thicken a little nacre of the Rock of pearls. However if Caroline of Monaco continues to fascinate always , she admits that things have not always been easy . ” At the time, it was rather disparaging and not very friendly. From the age of 14 at the age of 30 and over, I have the impression that hated me. And I thought: ‘If you hate me so much, they leave me alone. And if it is always saying nasty things, horrible or evil, to be left alone. I do not ask anyone! ‘ I could be pretty aggressive. But these are vague memories. We must not dwell on such things , “she says.
Today, the Princess of Hanover nevertheless asserts that this is much better. ” We do not care a royal peace. Finally, from time to time, it tells me stuff, but good. The rule is to never read a newspaper which speaks to you. Because even if one is armed, it is never funny , “she says.