Caroline Receveur recounts the day when her father wanted to commit suicide

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

The sublime young woman paid a fine tribute to her dad.
May 29, 2016, Caroline Receveur (29 years old) has lost her dad . Blogger and businesswoman made her a new tribute in the pages of the magazine Paris Match .
Jacky was his superhero. A professional footballer by profession, he was the pillar of the Receveur family, made up of three children, Caroline, Benjamin and Mathilde. In 2007, the beautiful family portrait is shattered. ” For a month, he has ants in his hands, dropped the glasses ,” says participant in Dancing with the Stars , aged 17 at the time.
Symptoms that doctors do not take seriously at first. Three weeks later, it is the drama, the father of Caroline Receveur makes a stroke. When it is found in Nancy Hospital, he no longer speaks and ” his eyes are not the same .”
After fighting to regain the use of his hands, his arms and speech, the father of the star, more and more depressed, becomes violent. ” I can not bear to see him. One day he even wants to end it. Nurses find themselves with a piece of cloth to the back of the throat ” if she recalls.
The sublime young woman who always wanted his father to be proud of her, it loses in spring 2016. In memory of this man she so loved and who fought for nine years against the disease, Caroline Receveur has dedicated her A tattoo, a small flash on the hand, a symbol of karma. Today, it is very sad that she realizes that he will never bring her to the altar on her wedding day. His greatest regret.
About the Caroline Receveur are found in the pages of the magazine Paris Match , on newsstands January 12, 2017.