Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia in Star Wars, back on this mythical character

Cinema 29 December, 2016

Carrie Fisher will always be associated with the character of Leia. In order to pay tribute, we return to the course of this mythical and unforgettable heroine of Star Wars.
The sad news will take us by surprise. While the year 2016, particularly cruel for the world of artists (David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, Anton Chekhov), ends, a new tragic death has marked our daily lives. Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia unforgettable Star Wars, died last Tuesday following a heart attack, leaving behind generations of orphans fans. If it is crossed in movies or cult series like When Harry Met Sally or Sex and the City , of course, is for his role in Star Wars that we remember most of Carrie Fisher. The iconic Leia Organa remains today one of the most famous fictional heroines – and celebrated – our culture , recognizable by its macaroons in the hair which the actress, with his usual irony, never stopped To make fun of. Today as before, we love Princess Leia for her courage, her determination, her sharp tongue too. So much so that the find in The Force Wake – certainly exhausted by decades of fighting and separated from the love of her life, Han Solo – we even had deeply moved. So in order to pay him homage, the editing of melty returns to the course of this absolutely mythical character.
Frail white silhouette with upright chin, standing straight in front of Dark Vador … this is how we discover for the first time Leia Organa, Princess of Alderaan and leading figure of the Rebel Alliance. And in a scene, you soon realize that this little girl is not only courageous and determined but she also knows how to stand up to men, even the most powerful . And in the late 1970s, marked by the increasingly powerful rise of feminism, it is not nothing. Moreover, Princess Leia, despite her title of nobility, is far from being a damsel in distress, as are presented at the time all female characters of this kind. So Luke, Han and Obi-Wan try to save her from the clutches of Darth Vader, who subjects her to torture, but we all know how it ends. In the end, it is Leia who takes command of the group and allows them to escape the Stormtroopers who took them in ambush! ” As of now, you will do what I tell you, understand? ” Balance does indeed a Han Solo a bit grumpy.
It is clear, Leia does not depend on anyone, especially a man . Not only does she shoot at the blaster but, in addition, she directs the Rebellion, a leadership role that is then often devolved to male characters. So in 1977, Leia shakes up all the codes and throws the stereotypes to the nettles! But if she is also independent and proud, it may be because she failed, for a time, to be the main heroine of the intergalactic saga. Because yes, before changing his mind and creating the character of Luke, George Lucas had planned to place a woman in the role of the main protagonist. Then the director thought of telling the story of two brothers but, faced with the lack of female characters, then chose to transform one of them into a woman. That may be why Leia has inherited this little boy missed and determined!
And Leia obviously remains true to itself throughout the trilogy , sending stroll with many scathing remarks that Han presumptuous who thinks necessary – before falling under his spell – taking the lead each time Necessary and fighting the Empire with all its energy. The couple she forms with Han is also particularly atypical. Between two well-placed gates, Leia lets see a little of her femininity, as in this poignant scene where she is doomed to see the man she likes to be cryogenized. We all remember this bit of dialogue that summarizes all by himself the relationship of the two characters: ” I love you ,” she said as Han, who replied: ” I know .” No romanticism, there is no time for it! But it is once again that Leia in Return of the Jedi did everything to save the trapped smuggler in its matrix of carbonite in Jabba’s palace, without anyone’s help. If it fails, in the end, to implement its plan, it proves once again to what extent it is determined.
And then there’s the bikini. Ah, he has made ink, this costume two pieces gilded! Representation of male fantasy for some or, conversely, means to be free of human domination for others, we can say that this outfit – the most iconic Star Wars – is kind of controversial. This is Carrie Fisher, which we showed you a few photos of the filming of Star Wars , transformed into a sex symbol, almost reified in the role of a submissive slave to the desires of a large larva of space. And yet! In spite of this bikini which reveals (almost) everything and which could symbolize its vulnerability, Leia loses nothing of its impetuosity. Is it not, after all, that chokes Jabba during the battle on the barge in Episode VI, echoing his freedom and marking, symbolically, the emancipation of women? At least it is in this way that one can understand this brutal scene but oh so satisfactory (because one agrees, eh, we hate ALL Jabba the Hutt)!
Princess with a well-tempered character and who can not be told by anyone, Leia went through decades, joining Wonder Woman or Ellen Ripley in the pantheon of the iconic female figures of pop culture. Sure, after thirty years of fighting, our heroine took a few wrinkles and lost his androgynous figure but his energy has not faded . In The Force Alarm , Leia continues to fight for what she believes, endorsing the title of General of the Resistance, as if to erase her femininity even after his personal and family life ended in pieces. But she remains that princess we loved so much in the first Star Wars trilogy, which made us laugh as much as she moved us, and whose fascinating aura did not falter. His interpreter has bent his bow, Leia is not ready to disappear from our lives. Although some of us wondered sadly will look like the future of the Star Wars saga without Carrie Fisher and incredible character. Come on, it’s time for us to plunge back into the first trilogy and fall, for the umpteenth time, under the spell of this unforgettable princess of the stars. What scene of Leia do you prefer?