Carrie Fisher (Star Wars) at the hospital, fans panic

Entertainment 25 December, 2016

Since Carrie Fisher is hospitalized, lovers of the Star Wars saga and Princess Leia are in a panic crisis on social networks.
“And Carrie Fisher makes an attack. But casse toi 2016 omg” is the type of messages that can be read on the social network Twitter since Friday night and the announcement of the heart attack that Carrie Fisher has been a victim . So on board a plane connecting London to Los Angeles, the 60-year-old actress had the “chance” of being only 15 minutes from the finish when she lost consciousness. Although still hospitalized at the time of writing , the Star Wars fans are crossing their fingers. Especially on this Christmas day! Carrie Fisher is one of the most famous actresses on the planet. That’s why fans and Internet users have not hesitated for a moment before sending their prayers and thoughts to the interpreter of Princess Leia and her loved ones.
On Twitter , they went from their pen to express their fears to face this terrible news. Presented at the casting of the Force Revival , Carrie Fisher is supposed to appear in the 8th installment of the Star Wars saga whose output is already scheduled for 15 December 2017 to the United States. In critical condition, the brother of Carrie Fisher recently spoke to US media. Hopefully he will be able to do it within the next few hours to bring us good news. Would not this be the best Christmas gift we can receive? Luckily, the one we saw in Scream 3 and Smallville has the Force on his side. Meanwhile, you’ll notice that Rogue One is still in theaters and continues cartoning at the box office. Gareth Edwards’ film has already earned $ 442 million worldwide. What do you think of Carrie Fisher?