Cars 3: Flash McQueen in danger, the first explosive trailer gives chills!

Cinema 10 January, 2017

Discover the first trailer of Cars 3, where Flash McQueen finds himself in a dangerous adventure against an enemy more formidable than ever!

Flash McQueen will soon be back on our screens, and he makes a remarkable appearance in this first explosive trailer! A few months after Beauty and the Beast, whose breaking new trailer was unveiled , we will discover the new adventures of the red car the most famous. And for this third part, Pixar took risks by taking our hero on a road very different from the previous ones! McQueen will resume car races and will soon find themselves in an awkward position . His life will be turned upside down by a race where he will have a terrible accident … Will he succeed in getting up? Is her career damn?
In this new trailer, Flash McQueen says he will stop when he decides. If one believes the images shown below, destiny should choose to place a deadline … Especially since it will have to face a new enemy in the forefront of technology, Storm Jackson ! A new character named Cruz Ramirez will offer his help to the car that may well refuse it. To the editing of melty, one thinks that this suite could be the darkest film of the franchise and one is anxious to discover it! See you on August 2 in theaters to discover the fate of McQueen … Meanwhile, it reveals how Disney helped a mom to eat vegetables with his kid! What do you think of this trailer?