Cars 3: Lou linked to Vice-Versa and Toy Story? Many secrets on the short film unveiled

Cinema 25 June, 2017

Lou shares secrets with the Queen of Snow, Vice-Versa and Toy Story … But which ones? You are told all about the short film broadcast before Cars 3!
After you have unveiled new information about Moi Moche and Méchant 3 in exclude , the editor of melty proposes to you to know more about Lou, the short film that will be broadcast just before Cars 3 in the dark rooms. Dana Murray and Dave Mullins were at the Annecy Festival to present it and answer our questions exclusively. In this short film, we follow the crossed destiny of the found objects of a primary school and the brute of the playground. A universe inspired by the Toy Story saga? Dana Murray replied, “I think all the Pixar movies are an inspiration for us. Dave has always liked the style of Toy Story and this balance between the cartoon and realistic side . ” Dave Mullins adds: ”
Lou was born from the imagination of Dave Mullins in 2012, where his childhood punctuated by many moves was the main source of inspiration. The short film took 5 years to be done because the director worked in parallel on the Voyage d’Arlo . Lou is the main character of this mini-film and its appearance is reminiscent of that of the Muppets! Basically, the creature had to be made up of some Pixar objects, such as a Lightning Buzz or Cars Cars. Finally, it was the director’s wife who helped him find Lou’s design so endearing! Moreover, in a scene cut to the final version, we had to see Lou retrieve the objects from the playground to put them in his crate …
JJ, the little boy of the short film also has its secrets. Is his face familiar? That’s normal, it’s a character who was in Riley’s class in Vice-Versa! According to Dave Mullins and Dana Murray, he had the perfect proportions to be Lou’s hero. Pete Docter (Là-Haut, Vice-Versa) was a real mentor for them during the production. The other children of the short film come from the World of Dory … Dave Mullins reveals to us a hidden reference concerning JJ: “the eyes of JJ are exactly those of my wife, with the same complexity” . Finally, did you know that the composer of the Snow Queen Chris Buck signs Lou’s soundtrack? After all, the world is small at Disney and Pixar … (Re) also discover the Pixar program at the Annecy festival! Will you see Cars 3 in the movies?