Cars 3: Two new international posters unveiled

Cinema 17 April, 2017

Flash McQueen is revealed through two new international posters of Cars 3 facing its new competitors!
Cars will soon sign his return to the cinema through a third adventure that promises to be rich in pursuit races! Flash McQueen will face new competitors much faster and in the blow on the famous Nascar fields. Because after a serious injury, our hero will have to prove that he is still able to compete with the new generation that can exceed speed records … In Cars 3, whose new characters have been unveiled , the great enemy of Flash McQueen s ‘Will call Jackson Storm and is now appearing on one of the two international posters unveiled. A poster that puts the latter face-to-face with our hero!
The yellow car on the second international poster is none other than Cruz Ramirez , a mechanic who will help Flash McQueen. For the occasion, former cult characters will also return in Cars 3 as Martin who signed his return in a first TV spot . Enough to please fans of the franchise whose first and second opus had pleased the small as well as the large . Of course, with Pixar, viewers will be able to expect emotion and writing, not to mention a magnificent animation worthy of the studio held today by the giant Disney. Cars 3 will be released on our screens for this summer, next August 2 more precisely. What do you think ?