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Entertainment 24 January, 2018

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The case of blogger Jeremstar continues. According to Le Parisien, a young man named Annoir has filed a complaint against the columnist of C8 to ” corruption, sexual assault on a minor and use of prostitution “. Jeremstar has been questioned.

Jeremstar, his real name is Jeremy Gisclon, is the subject of a complaint from the Tuesday, January 23. The chronicler, who no longer participate in the show earthlings on Sunday (C8) until further notice, is accused of ” corruption, sexual assault on a minor and use of prostitution “, reports Le Parisien. A young man named Annoir is entrusted to the Obs on the assault he alleges that he suffered when he was a minor. Pascal Cardonna, near Jeremstar, the would have drugged and then abuse him. Annoir has also filed a complaint against this man in his fifties for ” rape of minors “. He accuses also the specialist blogger of the reality of complicity.

Jeremstar has been auditioned, a few days ago, by the police. His lawyer said that the blogger was ” out by making full confidence in the justice system “. Very discreet until the beginning of the week, Jeremy Gisclon published, Tuesday, January 23, a new press release informing them once again that he is désolidarisait of his friend Pascal Cardonna. “I am innocent. What to me to reproach there, in the end, except having had the misfortune Pascal Cardonna? (…) Yes, I have attended a number of evenings at home (…) In my last update, I announced that I was planning to take drastic measures regarding my environment, I do it immediately. Perhaps have I not been clear enough on this point, but I dissociate myself completely from Pascal Cardonna. If, in the future, only one and I say one, shame as they are accused to be true, I pledge solemnly to help justice to support its potential victims. I am innocent. I’m at the end. I would like to say once and for all that the “JeremstarGate” does not exist. The “CardonnaGate” exists“, he explained.

To recall, the case began when a blogger by the name of Aquababe has accused Jeremstar of stealing a scoop. He then decided to take revenge by posting a video of the expert of the reality tv masturbating. He also accused the columnist of C8 have been a matchmaker between boys minors and his friend Babybel, alias Pascal Cardonna.


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