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Entertainment 18 January, 2018


After the broadcast on the social networks of an intimate video of Jeremstar, the latter is accused of being linked to a prostitution ring of minors. In the Face of these serious accusations, some of the candidates of the reality show seem to already have turned back.

The “JeremstarGate” is well and truly launched for several days on social networks. To recall, the case began with the dissemination of an intimate video of Jeremstar – his real name is Jeremy Gisclon – on the social networks shared by the Youtubeur Aqababe. The latter accused him of having “stolen” his scoop about the two candidates of the show ” Angels of reality tv 10 “. And the young man did not stop there : it also accuses Jeremstar to be linked to a network of prostitution of minors and organize appointments of questionable sides of Pascal Cardonna, nicknamed “Babybel” in the middle of reality tv. Falls of the broadcast ” Hello, Earthlings “, presented by Thierry Ardisson on C8, Jeremstar has issued a press release Wednesday, January 17, stating that he was particularly upset by the case. In addition, an investigation was opened by the prosecutor of Paris for “undermining the intimacy of private life” after the broadcast of this video.

And in the face of this scandal, the one who conducts interviews in his bath does not seem to be supported by the participants of reality tv. According to 20 Minutes, which was maintained with several of them under the cover of anonymity, the time is right to settlement of accounts : “I’m not going to say that he has tried because I don’t know, but, frankly, I’m not going to cry about his fate” can it be read. Some also put forward the controversial methods of Jeremstar to have a scoop and make the buzz : “It is true that there are not a lot of people who have suffered from its methods and revelations. Il love to do the buzz”, explained another candidate for the journal.

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