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Entertainment 19 January, 2018


At the heart of a controversy, the blogger and columnist in The earthlings Sunday (C8), Jeremstar, is indented from the issuance of Thierry Ardisson. Thursday, January 18, Cyril Hanouna is back on the scenes of the case in its show ” Key not at my post.

The case Jeremstar, or JeremstarGate, is gaining momentum. Following the release of an intimate video of the blogger in which we can see masturbating, Jeremy Gisclon, his real name, has made the decision to pull back from the émissionLes earth Sunday (C8) where he is a columnist.

Thursday, January 18, Cyril Hanouna is income, in Key not at my post (C8), on behind the scenes of this decision in agreement with the production of the chain. “For C8, Thierry Ardisson is the producer of Jeremstar, it is part of his band,” explains the animator. Thierry Ardisson and Stéphane Simon, the producers, have had a very big meeting Monday night with the leaders of C8. They even had Jeremstar on the phone. It was collapsed, he was crying a lot on the phone, he wanted to stop everything. They have taken the decision, for the moment, as long as he has not prepared his defence and as long as we do not know more about the history, bring it to the foot. He will not make the issue of Sunday, it will not, I think the issue of next week. It will not do, for the moment, the emission Thierry Ardisson. It is extremely sad. “Cyril Hanouna is not, however, income on the facts, not wishing to add to the woe to the chronicler.

The weekend of 13 and 14 January, a blogger by the name of Aquababe has accused Jeremstar of stealing a scoop. For revenge, the young man has released an intimate video of the journalist Thierry Ardisson, in which we can see masturbating. He also accused a close relative of the Jeremstar, Pascal Cardonna, alias Babybel, having sexual relations with minors. Wednesday, January 17, Jeremstar is out of the silence, announcing that it was the case before the court. The blogger at the origin of these accusations has responded by announcing to have evidence of what he wore. He has promised to pay all the documents it has in its possession for the proper conduct of the investigation.

Jeremstar has built its reputation on the disclosure of scoops on the candidates of the reality show. It is known to welcome the participants of these programs in his bathtub for the interview. In September 2017, it has revealed the existence of a prostitution network in the middle of reality tv. Since the JeremstarGate, the candidates of these emissions have already turned the back. His business, which is big business, could suffer. For the year 2016, Jeremstar has reported a sales turnover of 900 000 euros. In 2017, his gains are estimated at € 1.7 million.

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