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Entertainment 19 January, 2018


There are a few days old blogger became a columnist, tv expert of tv-reality, Jeremstar, saw leak on the internet a video of him in the process of committing acts of onanism. If he has started a judicial procedure, the person at the origin of the publication was announced to have other revelations to make.

The publication of the video, which caused a scandal may well mark the end of a success story. In fact, the blogger become an expert of reality tv in various programs is also the author of two books, and at the head of a small company, which generated € 900,000 in revenue in 2016. But since the scandal rages, the blogger sees himself denied by those who have made its success and has suspended its participation in the issuance of Thierry Ardisson. In the evening of 17 January, after several days of silence, he published a long statement on its Twitter account : “I was deeply upset by the events that have occurred these last few days. The emotion that flooded over me I was previously silenced. I beg you kindly to excuse me, he wrote to begin with. I’m dumbfounded by the accusations of which I am the subject today. In the night from 14 to 15 January, a surfer, apparently in quest of fame, has released an intimate video of me. (…) This act, apart from being odious, is objectionable on the criminal level, and I have taken the necessary measures to ensure that it is punished under the law. “

Just a few hours later, the blogger in question, answering to the name of Aqababe, met on the same social network that he was ready to cooperate with the justice. He also said be prepared to make new revelations about Jeremstar : “This is only the beginning “.


— JEREMSTAR (@jeremstar) January 17, 2018

I am well aware of the release of the ex-blogger.
I am also preparing for mine.
I have revelations to make soon.
Stay connect, this is only the beginning.

— AQABABE (@stonesht) January 17, 2018

I was made aware of the opening of a judicial investigation, following a complaint to my against by Jeremstar.
So that the justice can do its job in serenity, I will pour in the record all evidence (documents, videos, Etc) that I have in my possession.

— AQABABE (@stonesht) January 18, 2018

Photo credits : Patrick Bernard – Thibaud Moritz / Bestimage


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