Catherine Laborde stops the weather on TF1

Cinema 3 January, 2017

Nearly 30 years of antenna and weather. Emblematic presenter of TF1, Catherine Laborde announced his departure at Sunday night’s newsletter issue: “I told you today the weather will be tomorrow, but it is also the time that passes, and this time “This is the time when I shall leave you.” After twenty-eight years of loyal service, I leave. I leave with the cold, with time, but also with all the memories that you have given me over the years, that confidence in me that I miss so much, that love, that kindness that never left you and that For twenty-eight years. “

Do not become the grandmother of the weather
A surprise departure but in common agreement with the channel, as she explained to RTL microphone: “It is my decision to stop. Not a will, but a desire. At 65, Catherine Laborde prefers to leave now that becoming “the grandmother of the weather”. “The trigger came when I saw in this place that I love so much, TF1, a bunch of young people of which I could have been the mother, even the grandmother,” she explains.

Time and theater
Catherine Laborde had the weather on Channel since 1988, alongside Michel Cardoze and Evelyne Dhéliat and of course Alain Gillot-Petre, who died on 31 December 1999. It had also hosted school Word 1990 to 1993, and TV showcase 2003 to 2011. Catherine Laborde takes his television retirement, but not all his short retirement. She wants to devote more time to her family and friends, but also to her passion, the theater.
His replacement on TF1 is not yet known, but Dhéliat Evelyne and Louis Bodin will ensure the interim until alternately.