Catherine Zeta-Jones, “furious” that reveals “buttocks”, takes revenge

Entertainment 24 November, 2016

The darling of Michael Douglas trying to take with reverse the paparazzi.
catherine-zeta-jones-et-son-mari-michaelLike with Anne Hathaway , who had announced her pregnancy with a picture of her in a bikini , Catherine Zeta-Jones has also attempted to bypass the paparazzi. Currently on vacation in Mexico with her husband Michael Douglas , the Welsh actress posted a stunning picture via his Instagram account.
While her husband settled for a selfie on background sunset announcing he spent the Thanksgiving holiday with family in Mexico, the star of the Mask of Zorro and Entrapment shared with some 430,000 subscribers two pictures of her in black bikini. The opportunity to see that the top of its 47 years, the Columbia is in top sensuality. In legend, the actress seems sculptural yet out of her. ” Furious that the paparazzi have photographed my ass, so I share the photos my husband took my buttocks It is always a better view.” Quips the beautiful mother of two children with Michael Douglas – Dylan, 16 and Carys, 13 .
In Focus, photos taken on November 21 that have visibly been published on the Web, which is raised up to Catherine’s eyes, which is publishing its own photos of herself in a black bikini, on 23 November.
Double victory for Catherine Zeta-Jones who, in addition to undermine the business of the paparazzi, offered a few compliments in passing. ” Dazzling, sculptural and timeless ,” wrote a user rightly, amid other messages praising the incredible beauty of the famous brunette.