Cauet blocked for more than two hours: his misadventure filmed live!

Entertainment 11 January, 2017

A day of work like no other …
As usual, Cauet visited the NRJ premises to prepare his radio show C’Cauet with his team. But everything did not go as planned!
As unveiled the Twitter account of the radio station, the columnist Hands off my post (C8) and his team are stuck in a meeting room after the co-host and producer of the show-Julie Brochu Thomassin Broke the door handle. ” We are 2 room, meeting room. Come and get us. We do not have to eat more ,” he said desperately Cauet in a video. But it took about two hours for someone to pass and finally open the famous door.
Concern ? Too happy to be finally freed, Pier (co-host and author of the show) then rushed to the door and decided to make a joke to the other three – Cauet, Julie and Loris Giuliano (coordinator, production assistant and director of the pellet ” Défisbooks “) – closing the steering wheel and the other part of the handle (the one that was on the outside). The three unfortunates, still stuck, tried to call the little jester on his cell phone. But they fell on its new mail: ” Hello, you are on the answering machine of Poor If you are looking doorknob, go do you **** r.. ”
Poor fortunately did not make them languish too long. About thirty minutes later, he came to free the star of day 3 Musketeers and colleagues. Phew!