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Health 4 July, 2017


Speechless, Celine Dion ? Not on stage in any case, where it occurs in Paris from the 5th of July. On the other hand, it has so far not talked about in public, contrary to his habits.

Since she has set foot in Europe, Celine Dion is everywhere, both on all the stages of France and representation in the streets of Paris and elsewhere. This show in all directions is worth the look, as the diva likes to amaze with the looks détonnants like with his show to daring new, visible from the 5 July to the HotelAccor Arena in Paris. What do these changes gorge warm, as up to now Celine Dion is takes a long time to be wise, in appearance in all cases.

However, Celine Dion has broken with one of his golden rules. So far, faithful to its reputation as an ” open book “, she liked to express in the French media, the print media as broadcast media. There was a time when it was difficult to imagine a arrival of the star in France without a press conference, a few interviews, well-chosen, without forgetting a passage almost obliged chez Michel Drucker on his red sofa, or even during a special broadcast recorded at her side for the occasion. Last year, during his summer tour in France, Céline Dion had yet sacrificed it all. Until nausea ? It’s not impossible.

For the time being, nothing is nothing is provided to the program at hand, may-be, a presence on the board of a newscast of 20 hours. To tell the truth, after the death of her husband, manager René Angélil last year, Celine Dion was much expressed, mulling over the last moments of the deceased, his reactions and those of his children, his behavior at the funeral in Montreal, without forgetting the many tributes on stage and also the father of her three children.

In short, the singer remains silent while displaying a wide smile, after having given much. It is also, the new Celine Dion : both generous in images and songs, but the guardian careful of his own silence.

Photo : Instagram Celine Dion

Céline Dion,René-Charles Angélil

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