Celine Dion: Alcohol, disappointments, loneliness … A poignant interview!

Entertainment 10 January, 2017

The star delivers as rarely …
Celine Dion , who recently lived on the first anniversary of the death of René, is now back on her feet. Back in Las Vegas after a mountain getaway with her children for Christmas, she agreed to engage again in issuing the Joselito facilitator, entitled Celine beyond the dream , here on Radio Canada …
I saw things, we lived things ...
Rare are the interviews of Céline Dion where banalities and anecdotes, many times rehashed over the years, are not linked. The interview she gave to Josélito is no exception to the rule, but it must be admitted that the diva spoke a little more freely than usual. She thus evoked for the first time in almost thirty years of her career one of her greatest fears related to the show business industry: temptation. In particular, alcohol … ” I’ve always been very afraid of that. (…) It comes from a big family and genes, it circulates, it spreads. I’ve seen things, we have experienced things, whether family or industry … I’ve always been afraid to embark on that game , “she said mysteriously. And the star, who claims to have always refused to go to parties, dare to confide that his fear draws its source in his personal history. ” Because my father was an alcoholic and abusive family, it was my mother who saved him. We were very protected. My mother is a saint ,” said she said.
I bifurcated on several things
Very frankly, Celine Dion had decided to say the things she had on her heart, without rounding the angles. Thus, she expressed some regrets and disappointments. She is a perfectionist in her job, she regrets for example that she did not go to school any longer. ” I forked out several things. They wrote my texts, I learned by heart. I suffered from that. I still suffer a little today. I realize every day, even a little, that intelligence and education, they are two separate things. But when I write and I make mistakes, I perfectionist … “she said, raising her eyes.
If Celine Dion has made very few songs for herself (in addition Treat Her Like a Lady ), she always managed to find good writers who wrote to the tubes. But success has not always been the case. The star was particularly disappointed that the public does not adhere to the disc D’Elles . ” This is not an album that very market . I was a bit distressed that. Not for sale, not for money. But because it is a beautiful album ,” she says . It should nevertheless be remembered that at the time of its release, in 2007, the project had been very little promoted. Result: 280,000 copies sold. Conversely, after an extended promo, his latest album Another night has sold 660,000 copies, is second in sales of 2016!
It was difficult, but I’m proud
Céline Dion did not escape an update on her emotional state, a year after the death of her husband. ” I am proud of myself. To have been able to be able to continue with Rene, of the push to live. To have been with him, I was able to let go, to have warmed his cold body. It was difficult, but I am proud to have been able to hold my hand and prepare my children for their new life without their father (…) I still sleep with my twins, it’s to appease my pain. to be alone , “she said.