Celine Dion: always sick, his team has nearly 2 million in Las Vegas

celinedionCeline Dion, the singer still sick cancel a series of Las Vegas, and now needs money to developers. The note begins to be salty. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the promoter of Celine Dion Las Vegas shows will have to pay about two million ticket holders of the canceled shows.

Celine Dion still sick For a week, five concerts were indeed canceled and the return of the singer still has just been shifted. Celine who was back on stage on November 11, is still not ready to face the microphone. Many put this down to a busy year emotionally, and physically for the singer, who lost her husband, her brother, who also had to ensure the promotion of the disc “Encore Un Soir”. A full agenda therefore did not allow the singer to take time for it. However, if it ends up back on stage, she will remain there until November 26. Then, after a break for the holidays of years it will take the microphone January 17 for this concert series that has spread, for now, until June 3

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  • Mikal Mikal

    Your articles are always poorly written, it gives me a headache ..
    You newer articles basically attack her and it’s getting old now..time to leave this site soon.

    Celine Dion had a viral infection and the 1.3 million refunded was ticket sales.
    Cesar’s palace and AXS refunded this the second the show was announced as cancelled . Don’t make it sound like she has to go looking for the cash ..it was an automatic refund by Cesar’s palace.

    From time to time she can get sick , she is human after all.
    Her vegas show has been going on Over 10 years , 4 MILLION visitors , 600 million in ticket sales….a few cancelled shows because she was sick isn’t going to hurt one of the most successful singers to date.

    Celine Dion never left so saying her return is kinda silly.
    Especially when her tours and residency show was on top the past decade .

    She was ready to face the mic but under doctor orders , her voice needed rest and the infection needed to fully go away to avoid any damage to her vocal cords.
    Do proper research before you post online articles. It makes the website seem like a joke