Celine Dion comes out my ears

celine-dion-au-caesars-palace-a-las-vegaFollowing my word, you will definitely receive a nonsense tsunami. This is why I ask you to destroy my details and sign it with the chosen pseudonym because I do not want to receive these horrors by mail. I note in passing that many known artists think like me. I am so tired of hearing talk of Celine Dion. Open My Morning newspaper and find three full pages talking about it makes me mad. No way to buy a magazine that makes no mention of it too. Enough is enough!
His great love for René Angélil, what bluff! Before knowing he was a member of Baronets, married with two children, but he had no money. Nor Céline elsewhere who had a large poor family. All of the following René Nosed money he would blow to take care of her. Céline and followed him, sniffing the good manager and the businessman in him.
Yes they made money together, but everyone knows that René was often gone to play golf or to the casino, and who knows with young women as it has been accused of sexually assaulting a Chinese on the West Coast. Céline even said in an interview that his relationship with Julie Snyder was not a Dion-Snyder relationship, but a relationship Snyder Angélil. You must admit that it says a lot about the strength of the couple Dion-Angelil. So for love with a capital A could use some work.

Not to mention the greed of Celine for money. She had to let go of his castle Île Paton 10 million while she was asking 30. Without talking about his other castle in Florida that remains unsold even if it has dropped the price of 27 million. Poor little girl!
Instead of setting up a foundation in his name to make political capital as they say, why Céline does she just not give a little million to the foundation of his mother from time to time so that the latter can finally rest went to age it?

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  • Archit Srivastav

    You are an idiot who knows nothing…Céline is a living legend and one of the only few singers with awesome vocals who can belt it out live.No singer of this generation can match up to her level.She is also an idol mother and performer never letting her fans down nor her children.Despite such huge losses she has shown so much strength…she is truly an inspiration.Learn something instead of passing dumbass comments.

  • Mikal Eskada

    Funny how many people ENVY the success of others.
    Just fulfilling your dream causes some to pout and stamp their feet ..like little bratty girls.
    Oh Celine has castles and I don’t..boo hoo.

    You really don’t know anything about Celine Dion but chose to rant and carry on like a typical coward, hiding behind a fake identity. I’m guessing you are under 12 years old..

    While Celine Dion is a self made millionaire (700 million banked) you failed to mention that she is one that donated millions to multiple causes. Very few committ their career to this but she has…
    Cystic fibrosis she’s the spokeswoman for the foundation.
    For cancer she’s always raising funds for several institutions .
    She’s goodwill ambassador for world hunger and there’s even the Celine Dion foundation. A organization that is focused on helping poor kids in school , focusing on food and school supplies..
    Cancer research and patients have benefitted millions from her past contributions as well as cystic fibrosis .

    The love between her and her husband was real and outlast most in Hollywood . So shut up about it . Don’t be jealous because you are too opinionated to keep a relationship .

    You want to tell the newspaper what to print , you want to tell Celine Dion what to do …you want to advise sussessful people Lol…clearly they have it figured out…
    You should learn from them not judge them..

    That’s why they are happy and you are bitter ..
    I hate bitter envious people . Get a life and quit complaining about the success of others.
    Go out there and focus your hate and negativity on something productive for society …like shark wrestling…I’ll finance this. Just go swim with the sharks.

    This article just shows the readers how DEPRESSING your life really is..and how you envy the success of others because you never made it ..

    Someone who never ill spoke anyone , never hurt anyone, always polite and spreading positivity and love….this is the person you attack ? Smh …go bury yourself. Like now…