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Entertainment 17 January, 2018


Céline Dion is preparing to give several concerts around the world, and especially in Asia. But the prohibitive prices of its productions in Indonesia have provoked the wrath of his fans.

Céline Dion started the year in good form. Because of health problems, she has had to cancel several of its performances in Las Vegas. Today, the singer gets better : it announced the official date of her return on stage, this Friday, the 19th of January. A good news for all his fans who expect only one thing : to see them again in concert. In parallel to this, the interpreter of My heart will go on plans for new projects, starting with a big tour in Asia.

Good news for fans of the singer, on this continent. But to attend one of his shows, he will have to put the price. The Red Heads, a group of fans have announced on their page Facebook a finding that has shocked more than one person : “We have to convert into dollars the prices known at date of tickets to a show of Céline in Jakarta (Indonesia). According to our preliminary calculations, the price of the ticket the cheapest is about double that of the ticket “first prize” for Las Vegas. This asian tour will be historically one of the most expensive in the world.

We have just converted to USD the prices known to date for Celine Dion’s show in Jakarta (Indonesia).According to our…

Posted by The Red Heads on Monday, January 15, 2018

In fact, prices start at $ 131 (107 euros) for the cheaper seats, located on the side of the stage. And they climb up to 1 082 million dollars, or a little more than 880 euros for the tickets the better-located. All of them, without counting taxes and management fees, which are yet to climb the bill. It is far from the tickets of his shows in Las Vegas, which cost between 82 and 185 euros. On Facebook, the criticisms are numerous. “We are talking about Indonesia, one of the poorest countries in the world. Only a small elite wealthy will come to wallow in the comfortable seats while people bust through to the outside. This is outrageous and especially indecent “, can be read on the page. At the present time, the star, however, has not responded to requests for explanations of his fans.

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