Celine Dion: “I always sleep with my twins”

Entertainment 9 January, 2017

In an interview in Canada, Celine Dion confided as rarely, one year after the death of husband René Angelil. Extracts.
On Saturday, January 7, Celine Dion gave an interview to Here CBC TV . Opposite the famous Quebecois leader Joselito Michaud, she returned on her past life and future, and on a few episodes as merry painful. Selected pieces.
Rene, her late husband. ” I never worried me know if there was water in the pool. René took care, the worse when he told me to do my dive. I have no regrets. I find that my life was extraordinary. I talk about the past because now I can stop whenever I want. It was never at parties (parties, ie) , René and me. He did not want that I bathe in .. that world neither do I still hear Rene say: ” . Celine, I love you so much no one will love you like I do .” I am overflowing, I have luggage love for the rest of my life. I am proud of myself. to have been able to be able to continue with Rene, of the push to live. to have been with him, I was able to let the from, to have warmed his cold body. ”
His family. ” My father was an alcoholic and abusive family , it was my mother who saved him. We were very protected. My mother is a saint . I have seen things in my family … genes, it spreads , then it is family or industry … I’ve always been afraid to get into that game, sinking . ”
His job. ” I like to sing better now than before, because I do not need to. I have more to prove to myself. I’m better now, I have my children . ‘”
His three children René-Charles (15 years), Nelson and Eddy (6 years) . ” After having René-Charles, I had a lot of anxiety and fear. I did not want to sing. I did it. It’s been hard . It’s been difficult, but I am proud have managed to hold hands and prepare my children to their new life without their father. my three children have no sequel. it’s the thing I’m most proud of. Me, I’m sequelae. I still sleep with my twins, and it is to soothe my pain. I do not want to be alone . “