Celine Dion: “Since the death of Rene, the twins are sleeping with me”

Entertainment 10 November, 2016

celine-dion1Celine Dion is now alone with her three children. Since the death of Rene Angelil, the mom does everything for his children to go well. Especially the last two, the twins Eddy and Nelson. She tells.

It’s been four months since René Angélil has died following a long illness. Since Celine Dion threw herself heart and soul into the work, while focusing his three son, René-Charles, 15, and Nelson and Eddy, twin 5 years. And especially with the latter two, as she explains in the pages of Paris Match . “I have instituted a series of rituals at bedtime. First, I make sure that René-Charles is well. Then the twins arrive in my room where the bed is huge, disproportionate same. They sleep with me. Watching a Disney then I turn off the light. I installed two small lamps that project stars on the ceiling. ” With two small, the singer kissing the photo of her missing husband, resting on his bedside table. Eddy and Nelson have always known their sick father. “For three years now, the twins saw only very rarely their father,” says their mom.

She considers that a parent “both permissive and strict,” she explains favor dialogue. “The worst punishment for them is to be separated. They do nothing without each other. When Nelson asked, ‘Mom, I’m thirsty, is Eddy drink something?’ and I replied, ‘No!’ He said, ‘Then I’m not thirsty!’ It’s like pieces of a puzzle. So connected that I sometimes struggle to infiltrate in their duet. Now to change their name so they react! The other day, Nelson does not meet three times I called ‘Robert’ and he finally returned, surprised! Eddy, very shy, sends to all that frightens. ”

But Eddy does not seem so shy that, because according to Céline Dion, he and his brother Nelson are two little boys and big imaginations. “Three or four times a day they dress. They leave their costumes, begin a sombrero on the head or choose to look like Bert the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins. For this, they go hand in fire to blacken the face. They do not lack imagination. My son are fans of professional makeup. They buy bloody scars, false fingers cut off, viscous eyes … When we go shopping, I can not tell you the head cashiers! Their latest fantasy: fly like Spider-Man. ” From dreamers, like their mother.