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Since the week of January 8, the messages of the cancellation of the concerts from Celine Dion are linked on his page Facebook. Because of a cold, the quebec singer is not able to ensure its performances and is forced to rest, on order of his doctor. According to the magazine Closer, the interpreter of All by myself would be truth in full burn-out.

Celine Dion still has canceled four concerts this week from January 15. In a performance at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, quebec city artist, has published two news releases on its account Facebook to explain to his fans the reasons which have pushed to shut down. In question : the artist appears to be suffering from a cold and irritation of the vocal cords. But according to the magazine Closer, the interpreter of I will go whither thou goest, would, in fact, burn-out, a state of burnout.

Since the death of her husband two years ago, Celine Dion has chained the representations in different countries. Very weak, the mother of René-Charles would have lost a lot of weight and would have a very low blood pressure. Her doctor has therefore prescribed an absolute rest. The artist had already had to cancel a concert in November for ” painful spasms in the lower back “.

The singer tried to reassure his fans and apologized after his concert on January 12, that it was hard to finish. “I had a lot of trouble to finish the show yesterday, I spent my last energy. My doctor has ordered a rest for tonight, ” explains the singer with a heavy heart. I’m really sorry to cancel another concert this evening, in addition to the two performances of the last week… You are my biggest supporters and I am devastated to disappoint you “.

The interpreter We do not change also faces, last week, in a memory difficult. On the 14th of January 2016, her husband René Angelil disappeared in the wake of a cancer of the tongue. An anniversary is painful for the artist who tries at all costs to honor by continuing his career, to the point of exhaustion. Celine Dion has also scheduled a tour in Asia for the summer of 2018. In the meantime, that the artist is better, the fans, rant against the price of tickets which already exceeds the $ 1,000 for his representation in Jakarta.

**SHOWS CANCELLED**We regret to inform you that the performance of Celine at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace…

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