Celine Dion’s new tragedy

dion In the family of Celine Dion’s new tragedy. My sister’s husband of famous singer is struggling with cancer. Reporters learned that another member of the singer Celine Dion’s family struggling with cancer. According to Le Huffington Post Quebec, the husband’s sister actress, Guy Poirier, found cancer.

The man with the same cancer that recently claimed the life of the wife of the famous singer. Currently Poirier is in a hospice, which was opened after the family Dion father’s death. Recall, the singer and her husband Rene Angelil permanent manager battled throat cancer for 17 years. He was diagnosed in 1999. He underwent surgery and was treated persistently, without losing hope. He died on 14 January. A few days later from the same disease died brother Daniel Singer. This double tragedy Celine concerns with philosophical calmness and humility. “Rene has left this world in the company of my husband’s brother took him under his wing and said.” I’ll take care of it “, – said Dion.

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