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Entertainment 17 January, 2018


The wife of Albert II, princess Charlene of Monaco, entered a new phase of her life, she now wants to enjoy it thoroughly, with her husband and their little princes.

A wind, icy breath on the Rock. Not anything to curb their enthusiasm yet. The air is playful, Albert II of Monaco and his wife, Charlene, have appeared hand in hand on the perron of the palace, the 20 December last, for the traditional Christmas tree in front of the children of the principality. Perched on boots rider black, she can not help but laugh out loud in front of his prince, wearing a santa Claus hat for the occasion, a tie bearing the likeness of the Disney character, Goofy, around the neck. At his side, the ex-olympian swimmer plays mothers Christmas chic and graceful in his red cape. They have the look of the young couples in the early stages of a love story that radiate to the simple presence of the other. The duo, along with children Caroline, Camille Gottlieb, Louis Ducruet, seemed to enjoy this afternoon with their young subjects even more than the latter. A beautiful and cheerful way to complete the year before you initiate a new. 2018, placed under the sign of the 40 years of the statuesque blonde with short hair.

Early complicated

On January 25, Charlene of Monaco, born Wittstock will celebrate its fortieth anniversary. A cape that she is about to cross, well in its skin as it has ever been and with the desire to crunch the life with full teeth. This is a woman full of happiness, with her twins Jacques and Gabriella, 3 years, and the love of her husband that she “loves” as the gliding Stéphane Bern. The days a bit darker under the moldings of the golden palace are well and truly behind it. When she arrived in Monaco in 2006, the daily life of Charlene abruptly changes. It must comply with the protocol, to deal with the habits and customs of monaco, understand the environment and socialite of the block, while remaining impassive in the face of the negative rumours that are sometimes its a couple. Even though his parents, Lynette and Mike, as well as his brother Gareth, settle down with her after her marriage in 2011 to support it, it is necessary for him to harden. The princess spoke of his difficulties in the pages of Paris Match : “My friends I missed, as much as the simpler way of life in which I had been raised in “. Not to mention, the hostilities of some in the entourage of the prince in respect. She distrusts so much, sometimes seems closed in on itself. Is looking in reality.

She found her balance

The toggle operates in 2014 when she gave birth to her little angels blonde. His joy is immense. As she asserts, ” every second with them is magic.” The raise is an ” exhilarating “, the more “great role” of its existence. Above all, Monaco finally has an heir so long expected, in the person of James. Charlene brand history, and in between for good in the hearts of the Monegasques. “It has definitely changed. The mother is great, ” says Albert II to the magazine Citizen K., putting less pressure, she tastes it to fulfillment. Almost as if she had ” paid his debt to society by becoming a mom, analysis of the psychologist Caroline Le Roux. This is the approach of their 40 years that today’s women become pregnant. Then once the concern kindergarten primary exceeded, the real life begins. ”

Charlene was fully dressed in his role of sovereign. It even shows its independence in the face of her husband. Last march, for example, she oversees the Charity Mile, a race gallop charity at the hippodrome of Cagnes-sur-Mer on the Côte d’azur. The crowd applauded when it appears. “Usually, this kind of reception memorable to me is reserved for when I accompany my husband, the prince,” says she, moved. The foundation that bears his name has otherwise nothing to envy to that of his illustrious mother-in-law, Grace Kelly. Launched in 2012, it is now fully operational and has set as a goal to save lives by fighting against drowning, in particular in Africa. Educational projects and sports for the children are also developed. The Foundation Princess Charlene of Monaco counts among its ambassadors of sizes, such as tennis player Novak Djokovic.

At the dawn of this new spring, symbolic of his existence, princess Charlene of Monaco looks at his career, that of a young athlete, fell in love with a charming and mysterious prince. A romance surprising, with a lot of magic and its weaknesses, which has given him so much. It is safe, no regrets.

Charlene of Monaco

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